50 years of experience at your service
Founded in 1963 by Rolando Jais, the company is backed by over fifty years of experience in direct importing. This has given us an in-depth knowledge of the national and international market, its regulations and its constantly changing nature. In its 50 years of operations the Jais S.p.A has established relations of trust abroad and in Italy, with a constant emphasis on quality and convenience. Changing production methods and capacity at the start of the product path and the evolution of tastes and market demand create a need for commitment and flexibility. We believe our consumers' interests should be the focus of all our strategies, so that we can anticipate and fulfil their needs. It's now more important than ever to identify and monitor every link in the production chain from the source to the consumer, in order to harmonise all the various demands. As direct importer, Jais S.p.A offers its service, reliability and experience to create a direct path between production and the end client.

Over years the Jais S.p.A structure has evolved to provide its clientele with a complete service:

Fresh, high quality product: we only choose high quality, totally fresh products to ensure that its natural taste and nutritional value are retained. Production safety: our fifty years of activity have enabled us to develop exclusive partnerships with our suppliers. We only select those whose advanced technical systems enable them to guarantee high quality products, using the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) self-monitoring system. Quality control: we monitor our production chain from fish to consumer using only laboratories accredited by the Health Ministry. This enables us to guarantee all the essential aspects of our product - in other words, its chemical, physical and microbiological quality, and how it appeals to the senses. R&D: special, well-equipped labs with highly-qualified staff carry out research for Jais S.p.A. This enables us to offer constant innovation, presenting new products to meet our clients' needs and preferences. Commercial space: totally dedicated to our clients, so that we can solve any problem and provide information about a highly competitive, constantly evolving market. Traceability: product traceability is guaranteed from sea to client. Responsible fishing: we select producers who operate with respect for natural resources, environmental impact, workplace safety and civil rights.
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